Yet Another Cleavage Pic


We do not know where exactly was this picture taken and on what occasion, but we are loving it, as it features the most beautiful woman alive almost topless, Kristen Stewart.

First Look – Kristen Stewart topless

Here are the very first pictures from “On The Road” featuring Kristen Stewart, and her never before seen boobs. These pictures are blury as hell, but with little imagination, you can finally see the light at the end of the very long tunnel! 🙂

Kristen Stewart’s sideboob

Kristen Stewart Reveals Huge Side Boob At Cosmopolis Premiere. It looks like only some very carefully and artfully applied double-sided fashion tape is holding the gown in place and preventing FULL exposure.

Kristen nude in ‘On the Road’

It is finally official, Kristen Stewart is topless, first in a brief scene where she is in bed but it’s dark. Then sex scene on her back, brief too
Then the infamous car scene where she masturbate both her costars.
Finally in a sex scene with Sam Riley a long look at her boobs from the side.

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